Reasons Legacy Fellowship

The Reasons Legacy Fellowship is a community of mission-minded friends of Reasons to Believe (RTB) who thoughtfully choose to include RTB in their legacy with a planned future gift to the ministry.

Members of the fellowship help build a meaningful, long-lasting foundation for reaching people with the gospel—by connecting the latest scientific discoveries with the timeless truths of Scripture—for generations to come.

As a member of this fellowship, you’ll receive benefits to enjoy through the years, including:

–A certificate of membership
–RTB’s latest products and resources shipped directly to you
–Special invitations to gatherings of fellowship members.

To receive more information about being a part of this fellowship, please contact our Legacy Fellowship Representative Joel Wood at (626) 335-1480 ext. 120 or email

If you have already made arrangements for a bequest to RTB, please complete this online form so we can formally welcome you as a member of this esteemed community.

Please click here for more information about planned giving and the charitable options available to make a lasting impact for generations to come.

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