Reasons Legacy Fellowship

The Reasons Legacy Fellowship is a community of mission-minded friends of Reasons to Believe (RTB) who thoughtfully
choose to include RTB in their estate plans with a planned gift to the ministry.

Members of the fellowship help build a meaningful, long-lasting foundation for reaching people with the gospel—by connecting the latest scientific discoveries with the timeless truths of Scripture—for generations to come.

As a member of this fellowship, you’ll receive benefits to enjoy through the years, including:

  • A certificate of membership
  • RTB’s latest products and resources shipped directly to you
  • Special invitations to virtual and in-person gatherings with Hugh and Kathy Ross and RTB staff.

To receive more information about being a part of this fellowship, please contact our Legacy Fellowship Representative Joel Wood at (626) 335-1480 ext. 112 or email

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"RTB is performing a vital purpose for the Christian community, especially for those interested in [scientific] concepts and studies. With the knowledge we gained from RTB schoalrs, I believe we became more effective witnesses of our Lord. In our estate plan we choose to honor ministries that promote God's truth to an increasingly pagan world, and thus we are please to join the Reasons Legacy Fellowship."
-Ron and Judy Sisel