Advanced Seminar on Astronomy and Design (Audit): Hugh Ross, Jeff Zweerink

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Tuition for the AUDIT section of the "Advanced Seminar on Astronomy and Design" course.


This intensive 5-week online course builds on the foundational concepts introduced in the Astronomy and Design course. Topics include a consideration of particle physics, exoplanets, multiverse theory, string theory and the transdimensionality of God. A practical emphasis will be placed on using insights from astronomy and physics for apologetics and evangelism. Students who have a limited background in science will be targeted, but those students with advanced degrees in physics and astronomy will also find this course of interest.



  • This registration will give one student access to the online materials (audio lectures, lecture notes and discussion boards) for the "Adv. Seminar on Astronomy and Design" course.
  • This registration is for AUDIT purposes only. If you are interested in taking this course as part of a certificate in science apologetics through Reasons Institute, please register for the Certificate section of this course.
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  • Access information will be sent via email on the Friday before the start of the course.
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