Without a Doubt

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Bronze winner in the category of religion

  • Your son wonders, How can I know God exists?
  • Your friend speculates, God can't be both good and all-powerful. If he is, why did my baby die?
  • Your neighbor asks, Don't all religions lead to the same God?

Without a Doubt provides clear, solid answers to tough questions encountered every day. Topics range from the deity of Christ to religious pluralism, and from evolution to moral relativism. The powerful responses can reach even the most stubborn skeptic. Lists help readers remember key points, additional resources provide places to turn for more in-depth information, and discussion questions can enliven Sunday school classes, family devotions, or neighborhood get-togethers.

This title is also available in Indonesian.

"Although Ken Samples takes on some very difficult philosophical and theological questions, his responses are clear, carefully reasoned, and accessible to ordinary people. Ken, correctly, sees the Christian worldview, as not simply a loosely-connected series of subjective assertions about `religion,I but a full-orbed worldview, a cluster of interdependent beliefs that has implications for every aspect of the human experience including ethics, political theory, and our study of the natural world. But Ken offers not only a description, but a defense, of this worldview. And he does so with a sense that todayI s Christian community is part of a noble, and sophisticated, theological tradition that has its roots in an early church who learned at the feet of Jesus himself. KenI s sense of ecclesiastical continuity on doctrinal matters is rare among Christian apologists, even though it is a vital component in any defense of our historic faith. Ken exhibits the virtues of charity and intellectual integrity along with a deep understanding of the sorts of challenges to Christian faith that are offered in our contemporary world and must be met by the serious Christian. Without A Doubt is a wonderful work."

Francis J. Beckwith, associate professor of church-state studies, associate director, J. M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies, Baylor University

"This is some of the clearest, precise and useful writing on the subject of apologetics we have ever come across. Samples hits the nail on the head. We highly recommend this book to all Christians who want to more simply and effectively communicate their faith and worldview to their friends."
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