The Days of Creation (Audio CD Set)

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Examining the biblical account of creation in light of science and theology

Lectures by: Hugh Ross, Fazale Rana, Jeff Zweerink, and Kenneth Samples

What actually happened on the days described in Genesis 1–2? Is there scientific merit to the biblical story of creation? What implications do the creation days hold for our lives today?

The RTB scholars draw upon their expertise in the fields of astronomy, biochemistry, and theology to share their perspectives on the creation events highlighted in the Bible’s opening chapters.

Each hour-long talk was recorded during the 2009 Creation Celebration Alaska Cruise Conference.

1. The Big Picture on Genesis 1 – Hugh Ross
2. Earth’s Initial Conditions: Day 1 – Fuz Rana
3. Astronomical and Geophysical Transformation: Days 2–4 – Jeff Zweerink
4. Creation of Soulish Animals: Days 5–6 – Hugh Ross
5. The Origin of Humanity: Day 6 – Fuz Rana
6. The Image of God: Day 6 and Beyond – Kenneth Samples

Level: All
6 Audio CDs (approx. 6 hours)