The Creator Revealed

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Do current scientific discoveries support or contradict the story of creation in the Bible? Does it matter what you think about origins, science, and the Bible? Does your understanding of science and creation affect your daily living or your relationship with God?

In The Creator Revealed, author and physicist Dr. Michael G. Strauss explores such central questions about science and faith in simple, entertaining language and shows how modern scientific discoveries on the origin and design of the universe proclaim the character of God and agree with the biblical story of creation. For the Christian confronted with possible inconsistencies between faith and science, and for the skeptic who believes modern science has shown that belief in God is unnecessary, The Creator Revealed can demonstrate the glory, power, and wonder of God by looking at science, the Bible, and the effect that truth has on people’s lives.

Reconciling the truth of Scripture with the truth of science can change your perspective and your life. The message of The Creator Revealed will expand your idea of who God is, increase your faith in him, and provide a way to share this revelation of God in creation with others.

Michael Strauss is a visiting scholar at Reasons to Believe.