Physics and Astronomy (Listen & Learn Course): Hugh Ross; Jeff Zweerink

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Do you want to learn more about RTB's testable creation model approach, but don't have time to take a full course?

These lectures offer a flexible way for you to begin to have deeper engagement with RTB's ideas, but at your convenience. There is no written homework or discussions. Just download the lectures, listen, and learn. This course also includes recommended reading that supports the lecture content.

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Course Description:

This series of lectures will prepare you to effectively use discoveries in physics and astronomy to make the case for astronomical design. A practical emphasis will be placed on using insights from astronomy and physics for apologetics & evangelism.

Topics Covered:

  • Biblical foundation of physics
  • Big bang cosmology
  • Design and the laws of physics
  • Design and dimensions
  • Multiverse
  • Exoplanets
  • Physics, astronomy and evangelism

Hugh Ross, PhD and Jeff Zweerink, PhD


Audience: science teachers, lay apologists, high school and college students planning a career in a science-related field

This course can be taken for 3 units of continuing education in Biblical studies through ACSI.

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  • Class consists of online lectures (video and/or audio). Participants can complete the course at their own pace—no need to be in class at a specific time, no specific start or end date. There are no written assignments.
  • All courses are web-based (via Moodle) and offered on-demand.

Access expires 6 months from the course start date.

16 MP3 audio files (approx. 1 hour each)