More Than a Theory

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Christians are increasingly challenged with evolution theories as the only models for the origins and histories of the universe and life. But is there any valid scientifically testable alternative?

In More Than a Theory, Hugh Ross offers a comprehensive, testable creation model. This fascinating book responds to the recent, well-publicized challenges from aggressive atheists to the idea of a creator. It also reminds the scientific community of what constitutes good science. Furthermore, it supplies Christians with the scientific information they need to defend their conviction that the Creator is the God of the Bible.

"To all who think that belief in a Creator requires a blind leap of faith, this book serves strong notice otherwise! The Creation Model is not only testable, but also passes multiple scientific tests with flying colors. Read 'More Than a Theory' yourself to see how Hugh Ross wields data, logic, and evidence to make a powerful and convincing case."

Mark Mittelberg, author, Choosing your Faith; coauthor, The Unexpected Adventure

Faithful Thinkers blog by Luke Nix

As a supplement to material presented in More Than a Theory, please also see our RTB Design Compendium, a catalog of cosmic design evidences, along with a bibliography of the journal articles and books from which they are drawn.

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