Impact Events: The Universe

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Christians will face questions and many other challenges, particularly as they enter adulthood. Unfortunately many struggle to find good answers to questions like:

  • Is the Bible really true?
  • Will science eventually disprove Christianity?
  • Why should I care about science?

According to recent studies, between 60 percent and 75 percent of Christians take a huge hit on their faith when they leave the comfort zone of their family or church youth group. Those who grow in their faith show evidence of God's work in their livestheir spiritual journey has been impacted by God's activity.

This study is designed to impact your life and faith with truth from God's Word and evidence from God's world.

Maybe college is still a few years away for you. Maybe you're done with college and your faith isn't what it used to be. But just as in his creation, God wants to have an impact in your life.

Will you let him?