Illuminating God's Mysteries (MP3 Audio CD)

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Dive deeper into the science-faith conversation with the scholar team at Reasons to Believe. Their all-new series of talks explores the depths of God’s creation.

These talks were recorded during RTB’s 2015 Bermuda Cruise Conference.

Fazale Rana – “The Four Pillars of Design” (42 minutes)
How do advances in biochemistry make a powerful case for the Creator? Dr. Rana’s new talk on the four pillars of design sheds light on the mystery of complex cellular chemistry. He also addresses some common pitfalls that apologists encounter when arguing for biochemical design.

Hugh Ross – “Warming Up to the Ice Age Cycle” (43 minutes)
Dr. Ross surveys the grand design of continent formation and its perfect position in the ocean at the ideal time to provide a short window for human civilization. This discussion includes an exploration of the cycle of ice ages in Earth’s history, including our current situation.

Jeff Zweerink – “Does Nature’s Raw Power Scare You?” (41 minutes)
Dr. Zweerink unveils the mystery of nature’s fury and how it plays a vital role in Earth’s ability to support life. In this brand-new talk, Jeff highlights the powerful evidence for the Creator’s care through plate tectonics.

Kenneth Samples – “Four-Fold View of Creation” (46 minutes)
Kenneth surveys the key theological features of the doctrine of creation and God’s specific involvement in it.

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