God among Sages

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A Defense of the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

God among Sages offers a defense of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ by comparing him with the great religious sages and founders of the world’s religions—Krishna, Buddha, Confucius, and Muhammad. Each leader is compared and contrasted with Jesus using eight relevant categories of evaluation—history, nature, character, mission, role, state, life, and future. The book also offers a biblical perspective on how the religions of the world relate to the truth of historic Christianity.

In a world of religious pluralism, God among Sages points to the salvation, hope, and everlasting life offered by Jesus Christ alone.

Selected Endorsements
“There has been a crying need for a book like this and Ken Samples was clearly the one to write it. He compares Christ and Christianity to the founders and doctrines of the other great religions—but with an important difference. He does not dilute the complexity of the faiths he describes, but writes in a way that makes the comparative project accessible to everyone. This book would be my top recommendation for any Christian, church, or Bible study group that wanted to learn how the Christian faith stacks up against the other great religious traditions.”

Craig J. Hazen, Director, Christian Apologetics Program, Biola University

“This is not the typical world religions volume that simply provides an information-filled survey of major faith options. Rather, Ken Samples emphasizes an interactive approach, done in a comparative fashion that contrasts strengths, weaknesses, philosophical implications, and historical comparisons of the relevant religious documents. More than 50 tables and charts provide many such contrasts and assessments in visual overviews that encourage grasping key ideas in a single view. The result is a text that affords a variety of opportunities to mix-and-match preferred features that particular instructors wish to highlight. Such an approach affords excellent opportunities to mold a religions course. I recommend it wholeheartedly.”
Gary R. Habermas, Liberty University and Theological Seminary

“Samples’s book is a fair-minded, systematic comparison of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth with that of other key world religious leaders—and the comparison is revealing! The author presents a stark and powerful contrast between the historically well-grounded, textually reliable, and lofty identity claims of Jesus and the credentials of other sages, and Jesus towers above them all. Well-informed, wise, and sympathetic, this is a readable volume for those interested in exploring world religions and what makes Jesus so unique.”
Paul Copan, Professor, Philosophy and Ethics