Fit for a Purpose

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Blaze a new trail of discovery in biochemistry.

Nearly a half a century after the introduction of the idea that humanity lives in a universe at the just-right location, the just-right time, and with the just-right physical constants, the anthropic principle continues to gain acceptance among astronomers and astrophysicists. Few scientists question the fine-tuning of the numerical quantities that define the universe.

But what about the unexplored areas of chemistry and biochemistry? Do we witness an equal amount of evidence for fine-tuning?

In Fit for a Purpose, biochemist Fazale Rana, fearlessly pushes the boundaries of the anthropic principle beyond cosmology. In the process, Rana invites the reader to discover the world of chemical and biochemical fine-tuning, as well as to contemplate this question:

If the universe is fit for life, and biochemical systems are fit for their role in life, is it possible that everything is “fit for a purpose”?