Dissecting Evolution (Audio CD)

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A Closer Look at a Controversial Theory

Questions about the theory of evolution abound. In this unique round table discussion, members of the Reasons to Believe scholar team carefully weigh the scientific evidence for biological evolution in comparison with evidence for supernatural creation. This practical series of discussions addresses issues of perennial concern for skeptics and Christians alike. The final episode includes a critical 60-minute summary of the latest scientific discoveries since 2002, including research surrounding the origins of life, the human genome project, human-hominid interbreeding, and the rise of theistic evolution in evangelical churches.

Series titles include:

  • Evolution: Defining Terms and Perspectives
  • Evolution: Worldviews and the Philosophy of Science
  • The Origin of Life
  • The First Life on Earth
  • The Cambrian Explosion
  • The Dinosaur Eras
  • Wolves into Whales: Life After the Dinosaurs
  • Life After the Dinosaurs: The Case for Directed Speciation
  • Bipedal Primates: The Evidence
  • Human Beings: In the Image of God
  • The Biblical Creation Model: Two Creations
  • 2012 Update: Review of the Last 10 Years
This series was originally recorded for the 2002 Monthly Partners Message of the Month.

12 audio CDs (approx. 50 minutes each)
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