Controversy of the Ages

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Why Christians Shouldn’t Be Divided Over the Age of the Earth

Conversations among Christians about the age of the earth often generate more heat than light. In recent years, three distinct camps have emerged to offer differing approaches to the integration of science and faith: young-earth creationism (represented by Answers in Genesis), old-earth creationism (represented by Reasons to Believe) and evolutionary creationism (represented by BioLogos).

Controversy of the Ages isn’t a three views book. Rather, it examines the nature of the debate itself, exploring how each side handles critical questions related to integration and biblical inerrancy. In this carefully documented book, the authors seek to outline which issues in the creation debate are worth dividing over, and which are not.

Selected Endorsements

“The time is long past when we have needed a very careful, thoroughly documented analysis and response to the claims of young-earth creationists. But with this book, I am delighted to say that that time has come. Its thoughtful handling of evolutionary creationism makes Controversy of the Ages a critical read for evangelicals wending their way through the confusion. I am very enthusiastic about the scholarship, careful treatment, and irenic tone of this book and highly recommend it.”

J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology

“Unfortunately, the topic of the age of the earth and the ‘days’ of Genesis seem to bring out the very worst in some professing Christians. So I very much appreciate the irenic tone of Cabal’s and Rasor’s Controversy of the Ages—an evenhanded assessment of the debate. These scholars have done careful work, and they make their case in a fair-minded way. Even if one may disagree with the perspective, they truly set the standard for discussing this shockingly divisive topic.”

Paul Copan, Professor, Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University