Always Be Ready

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Get ready to experience an adventurous faith!

“The face of the man roiled with emotion. Oddly, a wave of peace and calm washed over me. An inner voice assured me no one would be harmed and showed me a man in desperate need of someone to listen and point him gently to the only One who could heal the wounds in his soul.”

Few books on faith-sharing lead you down a path of adventure then invite you to become a part of it. Hugh Ross does exactly this in Always Be Ready. Using personal stories, reflecting on Scripture, and sharing amazing “coincidences” in his life, Hugh brings together the thrills and challenges of sharing your faith. He offers practical advice and powerful motivation to always be prepared to point someone toward Christ—with confidence and compassion.

“This valuable book will lift the lid on how a serious Christian, who is equally a scholar and a student of life, has learned how to engage carefully, lovingly, and practically with people from a variety of backgrounds. . . . You will be enriched, encouraged, and helped by this latest offering from one of our gifted veterans of the faith.”
–Stuart McAllister
Global Support Specialist, RZIM

“What a great book! Seldom do you find a book that is both highly instructive and truly inspiring at the same time. World-renowned scientist Dr. Hugh Ross tells his own inspiring story of how God helped him triumph over learning differences. He then gives extremely practical advice for using science to defend the veracity of the Christian faith.”
–Dr. Richard Land
President, Southern Evangelical Seminary

“Part personal testimony and part apologetics primer, Hugh Ross’s new book, Always Be Ready, will inspire you to act as you become the kind of Christian ambassador who can make the case for God’s existence and the truth of Christianity. Unlike any other book Hugh has written to date, Always Be Ready will give you a peek into Hugh’s personal journey as it equips you to share the reasons you have for your hope in Jesus.”
–J. Warner Wallace
Author of Cold-Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith


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