Adv. Seminar on Human Origins (CERTIFICATE): Fazale "Fuz" Rana

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Tuition for the CERTIFICATE section of the "Advanced Seminar on Human Origins" course.


Did humans evolve from an ancient ape-like ancestor? What does the evidence actually say?

This 15-week graduate seminar taught by Dr. Fuz Rana explores the integration of the biblical account of humanity's origin with the scientific record. The most prominent biblical and scientific models for human origins will be surveyed, including young-earth creationism, old-earth creationism, theistic evolutionism, and secular evolutionism.

Although many sides of the human origins issue will be studied, the professor holds to an old-earth-creation position and does not believe that the scientific record supports biological descent from a common ape-like ancestor.


  • Creation vs. Evolution or with the permission of the Dean of Online Learning.
  • Students with college-level chemistry or biochemistry will have an easier time understanding the course material, but all are welcome.


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