A Matter of Days

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How long were the creation days of Genesis—hours or epochs?
Does belief in an old earth equate to belief in evolution?
Was there any kind of death before the Fall?

The length of the creation days in Genesis sparks a storm of controversy. At the core of the debate, where lightning strikes and thunder roars, lie key questions whose answers promise hope for resolution.

In A Matter of Days, author and astronomer Hugh Ross addresses these questions and explores how the creation-day controversy developed. History, theology, science, and Scripture reveal creation's big picture.

About the updated edition
In the 10 years since the first publication of A Matter of Days, the scientific and theological case for a Creator has grown exponentially. This expanded second edition, with more than 50 pages of new content, extends beyond simply addressing creation-day challenges. Hugh Ross demonstrates how sound, gracious apologetics can remove obstacles to faith in Christ and help bring reconciliation in the church. This book is designed to turn arguments into conversations and to equip believers to defend their faith with gentleness and respect.

“Hugh Ross’ spiritual depth and brilliance of mind is the rarest of blends. He addresses the topic of creation, opening many thoughtful minds and hearts to the message of salvation, providing them with new reasons to believe.”
Jack W. Hayford, founder and chancellor, The King’s University

“Three decades ago, when I was still an atheist, a work like this one could have satisfied my own objections to Genesis. This book should help many Christians to stop fighting about how God created and get back to our business of proclaiming that He did it.”
Craig S. Keener, chair of biblical studies, Asbury Theological Seminary