If God Made the Universe: Small Group Study

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A small group study has never tackled a bigger subject!

Drawing from his popular book Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, Dr. Hugh Ross shares Scripture, stunning satellite photos, and the most recent scientific findings to explain the great love story that is our universe.

This DVD series invites you to be a part of Dr. Ross’s small group. Each session includes a brief presentation (about 20 minutes), followed by a question-and-answer time. The eight sessions address these cosmic questions:

  • Why Is the Universe So Vast?
  • Why Is It So Old?
  • Why Is It So Dark?
  • Why Is There an Earth?
  • Why So Much for So Little?
  • Why Is It Decaying?
  • Why Isn’t It Perfect Now?
  • What Will God Make Next?

And bonus session:

  • What Does All This Say about God?

So stretch your mind, as God “stretches out the heavens,” and find answers to your questions, big and small, about our amazing cosmos and what it means.

Included is a softcover copy of Dr. Ross's Why the Universe Is the Way It Is book and a host of resources for leaders and participants. Don't miss out on this unique small group opportunity!