The Great Debate on Science and the Bible: How and When Did God Create?

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Ken Ham and Dr. Jason Lisle (representing the young-earth view), and Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Walter Kaiser (representing the day-age/old-earth view) debate the following questions on The John Ankerberg Show:

  • Does the Bible teach that God created in six literal 24-hour days or were the days millions of years long?
  • Is the big bang a valid biblical and scientific model?
  • Can we really tell the age of the universe?
  • How accurately can we measure starlight and time?
  • Are radiometric dating methods accurate?
  • Is God's record of Scripture compatible with the record of nature?
  • How old is the Earth?
  • When were Adam and Eve created?
  • Before Adam sinned, was there any death in the plant or animal world?
  • Were there soulless hominids before Adam?
  • When did the dinosaurs die out?
  • What happened at the time of Noah and the flood?
  • Can science be effective in investigating the past? Why does the age of the Earth matter?

Level: High School and up

3-DVD set (running time 90, 95, and 47 minutes respectively, published 2006), 07 oz.

The earlier debate between Hugh Ross and Kent Hovind, entitled "The John Ankerberg Debate" is also available.