Why the Universe Is the Way It Is

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"Why?" may be the most common and emotionally charged question in human experience. With the Bible in one hand and the latest scientific findings in the other, astronomer Hugh Ross tackles many of our most pressing cosmic "whys." Questions such as, If God made the universe . . .

  • Why is it so vast?
  • Why wait to bring humans onto the scene?
  • Why allow decay and death to be part of it?
  • Why let one man and one woman ruin it for everyone?
  • Why should I believe my life has any real meaning?
  • Why should I get excited about anything beyond what I can see?

The search for answers to these questions takes us on a thrilling adventure of discovery. The same God who created the universe gave humans the intellect and curiosity to explore it. Ross leads the exploration by showing how cutting-edge research and key biblical principles agree. This faith-building page-turner is equally useful for personal and group study, deep reflection and serious debate. Why the Universe Is the Way It Is opens our mindsand our eyesto a stunning new view of the Creator.

"This book will expand your mind with the universe it describes. It's a challenging, fascinating, and mind-stretching discussion of the nature of purpose of our amazing universe in the light of Scripture by one of America's foremost evangelical astronomers."

Norman Geisler, cofounder and former dean of Southern Evangelical Seminary

"Why the Universe Is the Way It Is seriously changed my life. It's very hard to deny the existence of God after reading this book."

Dan Bongino, author and podcast host of The Don Bongino Show

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As a supplement to material presented in Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, please also see our RTB Design Compendium, a catalog of cosmic design evidences, along with a bibliography of the journal articles and books from which they are drawn.

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