Adam: Miracle, Myth, or Monkey? (Downloadable MP3)

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Overview of RTB’s Testable Creation Model for Human Origins

Questions about the theory of evolution abound. In this unique round table discussion, members of the Reasons to Believe scholar team carefully weigh the scientific data for the origin of humanity. They compare biological evolution with RTB's testable creation model. This practical series of discussions addresses issues of perennial concern for skeptics and Christians alike. The final episode includes a critical 90-minute summary of the latest scientific discoveries since 2005, including research surrounding human-hominid interbreeding, human-chimp genetics, early humans in South Africa, and the recently discovered Denisovans.

Series titles include:

  • Overview of the Origin of Humanity
  • Evidence from the Fossil Record
  • An Archaeological Perspective on Hominids and Humans
  • RTB’s Testable Creation Model
  • DNA Evidence for Human Origins
  • Astronomical Evidence for the Origin of Humanity
  • The Missing Link and Transitional Forms
  • Bipedalism and Brain Size
  • Humans, Chimps, and Junk DNA
  • Long Life Spans
  • Migration of People Groups
  • A Final Look
  • 2012 Update: Review of Recent Discoveries

This series was originally recorded for the 2005 Monthly Partners Message of the Month.

12 audio messages (approx. 50 minutes each)