Rescuing Inerrancy

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Theologians, pastors, and churchgoers face a growing crisis. A mounting number of evangelical scholars claim new scientific findings force us to consider an overhaul of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy.

In Rescuing Inerrancy, astrophysicist Hugh Ross counters these scientific challenges with a scientific defense. Ross’s survey of the latest scientific evidence will equip you to defend the historical view of biblical inerrancy. And moreover, bolster confidence that the testimonies of Scripture and nature will always agree.

“Hugh Ross always causes me to think new thoughts, consider new models, and walk roads I haven’t walked before. This book is no exception. If you affirm biblical inerrancy properly understood (and I do), you will find this book a powerful tool in the defense of that position. It’s different, brilliant, and profound. Rescuing Inerrancy is a reminder of the greatness of the God we worship and the clarity and trustworthiness of the truth he has so carefully revealed to his people. Read it and give it to everyone you know who is uncertain on the inerrant nature of Scripture.”

—Steve Brown
Seminary professor, broadcaster, and author of
Laughter and Lament: The Radical Freedom of Joy and Sorrow