Origins of Life Trilogy

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Enjoy a 20% discount on three best-selling books by Fazale "Fuz" Rana.

This trilogy represents Dr. Rana’s 30-year journey of faith. While he was a grad student, the unanswered question of life’s origin, as well as the elegant design of the cell, proved to be evidence of a Designer and was key in Rana’s coming to faith in Christ. Now, 30 years later, the case for a Designer is even stronger.

Each book approaches the question of life’s origin from a different angle:

Origins of Life unpacks the deficiencies in the Darwinian model, from primordial soup to the Miller-Urey experiment.

The Cell’s Design looks at the elegance of a Master Artist found in each cell. Every chapter speaks of a different feature or different design, but all conclude a Grand Designer.

Creating Life in the Lab represents the most cutting-edge, contemporary platform to examine the “origins” question. Now that scientists are beginning to create the most rudimentary life in laboratory settings, they are discovering more and more the sheer level of ingenuity and intelligence creating life requires.

Many Christian young people walk away from their faith when presented with the idea that life can be explained through purely natural means. The reality is, however, that the life sciences represent powerful evidence for a Creator.

This trilogy of resources provides solid answers to those wanting sophisticated, deeper engagement on questions of biochemical origins.